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Part one of two

In my last semester of Fashion Merch, we have an Event planning class. For the past 12 weeks me and roughly 30 of my classmates have been planning and preparing to put on a Wearable Art show. Our group was broken down into 5 committees: stage, advertising and promotion, fundraising, model, and merchandising committees. I'm a co-coordinator of the merchandising committee and along with 5 other girls we've been in charge of the designers and garments for the show. As we are responsible for putting on the show, we aren't designing anything for it- that job was for the first year merchandising students.
The theme of the show is "Under the sea" and I was extremely excited when we were told this, because it's incredibly current in the fashion world and relate-able for me (I love mermaids and sea creatures and all that fun stuff!) Tons of high fashion designers have been using the sea as inspiration for collections (mainly for S/S 2012) so it wasn't hard to come up with a ton of inspiration for the first years and for the overall aesthetic of the show

One of my jobs was to create a PowerPoint presentation to present to the first years with info about the show and inspiration/ideas for their designs:

The show is split into three categories decided by me and my committee members:
Mermaids, seashells and pearls
Sea creatures
and sea scape

The event is being held at the London Music Hall tomorrow night
Doors are at 7 pm and the show starts at 8 pm
Tickets are $20 and all proceeds go towards our chosen charity: Itsy

I had also created a digital collage just for fun based around the under the sea theme

Working alongside with the model committee as well as our volunteer models (most from Anita Norris modelling agency) we have been through four fittings where designers come to meet their models and adjust the garments as they are being created, making sure they fit and will work to wear on the runway.

We began to see the progress over the past few weeks, and last week myself and Sasha attended the three first year classes to witness the presentations for the completed garments. We took pictures and began to visualize the line up of the show. There are 46 garments in total, and I won't post them all because it would ruin the surprise for tomorrow night. I will however post some of my favourite pieces and detail shots of the impressive creations the first years have come up with.

From group A:

From group B:

From group C:

It has been lovely working with the first year students and hearing about their visions for their designs and how they came about creating them. Some of the girls we've met are just so sweet and tomorrow their hard work will pay off, as well as ours! I'm really hoping the show will be a success- if you can make it, please come, we need all the support we can get! There will be a silent auction with lots of great stuff as well as a raffle for Leafs tickets.

I have a few outfits in mind that I believe are in it to win it and at the end of the show we will announce 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes as decided by our three judges. I will be at the Music Hall for just about twelve hours tomorrow and early in the morning at the school, getting the outfits ready to be taken downtown. Wish me luck, that everything goes smoothly and somewhat to plan! I will be posting additional pictures from the show in a week or two as well as professional pictures taken during the photoshoot tomorrow afternoon.


time casts its spell on you, but you won't forget me; i know i could have loved you, but you would not let me

Happy (official) first day of Spring! Sunshine and bright colours are my inspiration this season and I'm finding traces of colour blocking in the most unexpected places. Take Holland for example, where they grow mass amounts of tulips in the fields organized by colour creating a beautiful gradient especially when seen from an aerial view. My sister and I came across these photos recently and I guess I just never thought about how they grow and harvest flowers, but this totally makes sense! Imagine flying over and looking down on this? Absolutely stunning.

I know, I know. Floral for spring. Groundbreaking.