you know gray is my favourite colour, I felt so symbolic yesterday

"Girls. Whatever age we might be, there is one goal that we share: to be comfortable in our own skin. Whether it's covered in crisp white cotton, digi florals or a beaded jacket." - Linda Rodin

The first time I saw a picture of Linda Rodin was while perusing Pinterest. Her look piqued my interest, and by clicking through to the source, I ended up on a website called Advanced Style. This blog is ran by a woman named Ari Seth Cohen (Not to be confused with Seth Cohen from The O.C.). She is a photographer in her early 90's living in New York. Advanced Style offers a refreshing new-take on fashion - or should I say an old-take? It's unfortunate, but it's not often you see fashion represented for those above the age of 50. I know that style is not something that you lose when you get old, because there are tons of women who refuse to dress conservative just because they've gone gray. I've seen them. And maybe it's not my place to say this, because I'm only 25 years old, but I do not think getting old is a bad thing! I don't think it should mean you have to become boring. I certainly feel that when I'm 50, 60, or 70 and older- I will still like the things I like now (to an extent). I know this, because I see pictures of really cool well-dressed women at those ages, and think to myself "That is so going to be me". So, the Advanced Style blog is extremely inspiring to me. And it's how I found Linda Rodin, who in my opinion, deserves the hashtag #goals. I could only hope to be as cool as her when I am in my 60's.

She's often seen (and photographed) with big, glamorous sunglasses; hot pink lipstick, bright silver hair, and her silver poodle - Winky. What I like about her look is that it is classic, comfortable, as well as consistent. She's often seen in denim, she's no stranger to a good pair of jeans. Her hair is gorgeous, and it makes me wonder why any women stress about going gray or why they spend lots of time and money covering up their gray hair. My mom has silver hair, and she hasn't dyed it for years. She's only 50, which is the new 30, but I love her hair. It's clear to see that the stigma against gray-ing hair is dissolving, especially when I've seen more than a handful of girls my age purposely dying their hair gray. Which isn't easy, mind you. You have to get the perfect whiteness and then use toner - or get it done professionally.

Linda isn't as obsessive with the sunglasses as, say Anna Wintour; and when she is without them, you can see that she barely wears any make-up. She likes bright lipstick colours, but all she uses on her eyes is Maybelline's Great Lash (you know, the pink and green bottle) which coincidentally is the same mascara my mom has been using for-ever. Linda's business is skincare. Her line Rodin Olio Lusso, also includes two fragrances. I haven't had the pleasure of using and of her products, I'm pretty sure they're sold at, like, Holt Renfrew. Probably a little out of my price range. But maybe one day!

In her earlier years, Rodin worked for Harper's Bazaar. She worked as a stylist for the rich and famous (like, Madonna). She was also a model. In fact, she still is. Linda modelled for Karen Walker eyewear in 2013.

Karen Walker Eyewear Spring/Summer 2013

She was asked by the Olsen twins to model for The Row for their 2014 pre-fall Lookbook. She's also been featured in tons of magazines, including Vogue. The Coveteur did a great shoot with her, which showcased her amazing apartment. It is an absolute dream:

I absolutely love this couch. The colour is fantastic

I also love how wide it is at the seat

Linda's adorable poodle, Winky


Her bathroom is under the sea themed and magical

The black and white tile floor is so cute and so are her silver boots

And my favourite set of photos featuring Linda, Winky, and their incredible home, are credited to Audrey Kitching:

Linda's home looks absolutely filled with one-of-a-kind treasures



Linda and Winky


Denim queen in flats

Looking fabulous in cuffed, skinny jeans


My favourite picture of her. She looks so full of life


never thought that I would grow so old of seeing the gold, still I never want it to go

Totally late on posting these pictures since they are from 14 weeks ago, but life has been crazy. These pictures were taken late November, when I was almost 7 months pregnant. Near the end of December I began my long stay in the hospital due to complications with the pregnancy, and then my baby girl came 5 weeks early, on January 13th. I already feel like I didn't get enough pictures of myself while I was pregnant, which must be why I'm so adamant on taking a million pictures of Audrey (my daughter) now. That and the fact that she is literally the cutest baby to ever exist. If you don't believe me, just look at my Instagram.

My incredible friend Britt took these pictures of me; we didn't really have an agenda for the shoot, I just picked out a nice outfit which was hard because the majority of my clothes didn't fit me and I didn't buy a single article of clothing that was maternity-wear, during my pregnancy. I mostly wore tights and my boyfriends t-shirts every day. However, a friend of ours said he thought the pics were very Twin Peak-sy, and I can definitely see that, which is pretty cool since we didn't mean for them to be. Pics were taken in my apartment and just up the street from my house. I'm wearing a $10 crop top from H&M, both skirts are from American Apparel, and the fox fur is vintage. Lipstick is 'Diva' by MAC. I absolutely love these pictures, unfortunately when my grandma saw them she said I looked like "a lady of the night". I believe that means a prostitute. Oh well, what do you think??

Britt is a photographer based in London, ON and specializes in event photography.
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Love you Britt! Thanks again so much for doing this with me xoxo