the beds were small but we felt so young, it was just like Christmas

Part two of two

This is a post consisting of pictures I took this holiday season.

I love icicles

very old Santa lights my grandma gave me

One of my ornaments from when I was a baby

My roomate Baillie's cat Jazzy by our tree

Our little pink tree

Christmas at the diner

One of three vintage ornaments I got from the Rag Bag Bazaar

Our next door neighbours have these expensive fake palm trees in their backyard

The ornaments I got from Urban Outfitters, They are about an inch in diameter

A cupcake ornament I got from Urban Outfitters

My cat Scrappie by the window back home

Another ornament I've had since I was a baby


Santa's coming to town with sequins in his hair

Part one of two

As tradition, I've collected a bunch of Christmas images that I liked from various blogs and Flickr accounts. All images have the source linked underneath them. The themes I was into this year were "shabby chic", "pastel Xmas", and of course a general vintage/kitsch vibe. I'm really into bottlebrush trees, vintage ornaments, and fake pink or silver trees. One of my favourite Flickr users boopsiedaisy, has some incredible pictures; as well as a new Flickr user I found this year: twinkleshabbystar

Bottle brush trees and vintage ornament boxes via www.rustyhinge.blogspot.ca

Mini bottlebrush tree on top of a miniature car via www.thepinkcouch.blogspot.ca

Pink bottle bush trees via www.styledcreative.com

Betty Boop via Boopsie Daisy on Flickr

Close up of a candy ornament via Boopsie Daisy on Flickr

Candy and foliage via Boopsie Daisy on Flickr

Pretty holiday treats via Boopsie Daisy on Flickr

Deer with candy garland via Boopsie Daisy on Flickr

Pink Santa and pastel candy canes via Twinkle Shabby Star on Flickr

Angel gumball machine via Twinkle Shabby Star on Flickr

Angel figurine via Twinkle Shabby Star on Flickr

Merry Christmas ornament in a mug via Flickr 

Shabby chic Christmas ornaments via shorechic33 on Flickr 

Ornaments in a dish via www.citrusandorange.blogspot.ca

Deer and flowers via www.citrusandorange.blogspot.ca

Xmas decor and garland via Twinkle Shabby Chic on Flickr

Pastel candy canes via Twinkle Shabby Star on Flickr

All of these images are also posted on my Tumblr