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Have you seen or at least heard of the show Breaking Bad?? It's one of those shows that not a lot of people know of, but the ones that do absolutely love it. It's so well written and has some of the most believable characters I've seen on a TV show. I'm obsessing over it lately and can't wait 'til it comes back for the fourth season!

Anyways this will be irrevalent if you haven't seen the show, but then if you haven't, you probably should. Remember the cousins from season two and a little bit of three?

I loved the decor of this place. Day of the dead esque complete with sugar skulls, dead flowers and candles.

Well, I found a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes that reminded me an awful lot of the boots the cousins wear! Unfortunately couldn't find a picture of the ones from the show but here's the McQueen heels that reminded me...

So bad-ass.


support the power of women, use the power of man, support the flower of women

Kim Althea Gordon; musician, vocalist, artist, record producer, video director, actress. I have a soft spot for female bassists. Strangely enough I don't think too many people really know about her! Or maybe it's just the people I hang out with. I mean, I did just start getting interested in her work recently..

Sonic Youth was just one of those bands for me growing up. I knew the name, 'cause of course they were a vital part of the music industry in the 90's, (and 80's) but I never really knew much about them. Couldn't name a song, or even tell you what type of genre they were. I assumed Alternative Rock but then again what did I know. But you've gotta assume they're half-decent, what with them being on the Simpsons and all... Anyways, I've been downloading a lot of their stuff lately and did some reading on the bandmates that I was less familiar with, mainly everyone but Thurston Moore. His name is always getting thrown around in Rolling Stone. And call me sexist, but I just love female musicians. Decent ones of course. Maybe it's just an affinity due to a feeling of understanding and awareness.. The raw power and indifferent confidence I see in these various "role models" of mine. Such as Kim Gordon. The whole persona to me is just so admirable.

She's a visual artist. It took up most of her time before she joined/formed Sonic Youth. I'm really interested in her stuff, too. I don't really know how to describe it. You can make your own mind up:

Aside from directing music videos with Spike Jonze, appearing on Gossip Girl, producing Hole records, and playing benefit concerts with Cat Power for her daughter's school in Massachussets, Kim Gordon has dabbled into the world of fashion. This is where I started to really crush on her.

Her clothing company X-Girl was founded in '89. Grunge, alternative and sorts of anti-fashion were featured. But as of right now the product is going to remain a mystery. Not only can I not find a website mentioning the brand other than Wikipedia, I can't find a single picture of merchandise, or even a hint as to where to buy it. I'll have to do some more digging, other than on the Internet.. BUT I did learn that X-Girl is a sister company to a little brand called X-Large, YEAH THAT SAME X-LARGE THAT MIKE D IS INVOLVED WITH. I'm beginining to think that both brands would be easily accessible in Japan, not so much over here. That's the word on the street, at least.

But back to KG; she more recently launched a limited edition line called Mirror/Dash (September '08). Originally inspired by fashion icon Fran├žoise Hardy, it is Kim Gordon's solution to the apparent need for "clothes for cool moms" which I can dig. It does have a website but all it features is this f*cking Hardy Jacket that was actually all she had released up until February 16th, 2009, when her collaboration with Urban Outfitters was released. The jacket was originally sold in retail for $415, and was a limited edition item in which only 50 were made. As far as Ebay goes, it's probably as hard to find one of these gems as it is to find an X-Girl tee.

If only I knew about this WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING.

The infamous Hardy Jacket.

And finally, an adorable little circle skirt that I have found on Ebay and am very, very tempted to purchase.

Most info taken from the NY Times online.


i've been misunderstood for all of my life, but what they're sayin' girl just cuts like a knife

Found this article via WORN Fashion Journal's Twitter.
It's too fabulous.
Yes, young girls are easily influenced, and there are a lot of innapropriate role models out there for them.
I don't think it's right for young girls to be dressing too provocative/revealing, I've seen way too many Law & Order SVU episodes that just creep me right out when it comes to that subject matter. As well as episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras. It's kind of sick. There's a line that needs to be drawn and for the most part it's the parents that need to be enforcing some sort of guidlines with their daughters. I don't think this article falls into that category at all though.

I think it is extremely unfair to say that teen girls should be "dressing for their age". What does that even mean? Who made rules for how girls should be dressing at certain ages? I don't think young girls should be focused on looking sexy because there is so many other things in their life at that time that should be embraced. Looking hot should be the very last on the list of priorities. (Um, how about focusing on school, family, friends, sports, hobbies, etc?) But, if a ten year old girl shows an interest in fashion and wants to push the boundaries, why can't she? It should be nurtured! I think it's fabulous to have an interest in fashion that young. If it makes you happy. And it is one of the best forms of self-expression. I love that there are young girls that have so much fun picking out outfits, and then in return so much confidence in wearing said ensembles! I can specifically remember being severly insecure about what I wore and where I wore it when I was in grade school, and so I applaud any young girls who feel comfortable dressing themselves in wacky outfits and not caring what the other kids at school might think.

One of the girls in the article who is also featured in the slideshow is Chloe Blackshire. I'm not sure exactly what the basis of the article is. I mean they aren't exactly calling out these girls for being innapropriate, but moreso commenting on the influence they are under and the strangeness of their choices. (And making underhanded remarks about Taylor Momsen) But what is so strange about it at all!? Basically, this article is a pathetic example of a girl who is "confused and looming down the wrong path". I would be so pleased if this was my daughter. Not only does she have killer style, she's quirky, confident and smart. I think this is a story that should have gone in a totally different direction, like maybe.. praising the girl for having so much spunk? I sure do. I'm constantly amazed by the people that can inspire me, young and old.

Chloe, I'd love to go shopping with you.

All photos taken from NY Mag.

white lines on your mind, keep it steady, you were never ready for the lies

I don't know about any of you, but I have been absolutely bored to tears with most of the shoes this season! I'm not a huge shoe fan to begin with, but I know what I like, and everything I've been seeing is just so plain. To be fair, the shoes are hardly the first piece of the collection. I understand that the clothes come first following a certain theme and the hair, make-up, jewellery and shoes must follow that trend therefore having them fall into a less funky category.

However, there were a few designers who seemed to embrace the shoe as a key element in the collection and the concepts they worked with seemed to live vivaciously throughout the look, head to toe.

So here's some picture of my favourite shoes for Fall 2010, see if you can find a common trend between them...






Okay so what I'm getting at here, is heels. And proportions. And the fact that there are countless trends that are repeated over and over again and yet limitless ideas when it comes to fashion! With shoes especially I think there are so many concepts that have yet to be explored and what I'm loving right now is unconventional heels. I've said it a million times before, fashion is art, it shouldn't have limits. Trends are fun to stay on top of but shouldn't become an obsession like they do for so many people. Same with labels. Personal style shouldn't be used to please anyone but yourself! It's just ridiculous not to, let's say, wear your favourite combat boots just because thigh-highs are currently in style? I'm learning to never say I hate any trend because 9 times out of 10 you will change your mind about it. And the chances are it's going to come back "into style" sooner than later.

I was reading an old issue of Harper's Bazaar yesterday, (April 2009) where I skimmed over the BUY, KEEP, STORE page. "Store" included arm bands, patchwork satchels, and floral shoes. "Find a spot in the back of your closet for flouncy floral touches." Exactly 30 pages later, I came across a feature of a Roger Vivier shoe:

"What could be better than a convertible shoe? A flowery stiletto morphs into a high-falutin wedge tout de suite."
Okay, so they're focusing more on the versatility of the shoe than the floral arrangement, but still. There are people out there who follow these tips religiously and it honestly just makes me sad. Take a stand on what you like and try not to change your mind on it just because it's currently "in" or "out".

So, the DSquared pumps are really badass, but they aren't my favourite. At first I was really loving the Balenciaga heels because they're so fantasticly futuristic, but yet they aren't my favourites either... Obviously I have a soft spot for anything McQueen, always, forever, I seriously have never seen anything McQueen that I haven't liked. And Sarah Burton is continuing to kick ass in his place.

Honestly, none of the above shoes are my favourite this season.
Instead, Rodarte wins my heart. Didn't even mean to rhyme.
I came across these shoes, which embrace all sorts of concepts and inspiration that I've been digging lately, and smushes it all together into these magical, whimsical little heels.

Now, i'm off to read about... heel-less shoes? Yeah, seriously. Talk about limitless.


girl, you've been rolled up in colourful carpets, your blood is rushing, look around you

Part Two of Two

The more I prolong blogging, the more it piles up and becomes even more exhausting. I've got a huge list of new blogs to check out as well as my regular favourites to read, not to mention a million magazines to catch up on.. And I just got my September issue of Harper's Bazaar to read.. and it's so fat! Anyways I think when I move back to London and start school I'm going to set aside one day a week for blogging, probably Sunday, where I can read and update and get all caught up! The amount of time I've been spending on Twitter lately just shows how lazy I am, if only everything could be shortened into 140 characters.

I'm finally going to post pictures of a photo shoot I did a few weeks back! After going over many Fall trends and picking out some of my favourites, I made a few trips to Value Village (practically the only vintage store around here) to get some material! Unfortunately they haven't brought out too many Fall/Winter things, so fur was nowhere in sight. However I've been working on hacking up a mink coat I own which is way too big for me. My friend Nicole found some really old fashion books for me and one has a section on how to work with fur. It's really messy but hopefully soon I'll be able to show you all my finished mink stole!

So after putting together the outfits, I got together with my friends/models Nicole and Charlotte and styled them. I took inspiration from the Chanel RTW show for their hair. All clothes and shoes are from Value village, necklaces are mine! All photos taken by me with Charlotte's Canon Rebel.

Nikki is wearing the army green jacket. I love the buttons and think the jacket looks good with layers and bunched up sleeves. Unfortunately it's still to warm to wear outside now!

Here, Nikki is wearing a wicked pair of boots that Charlotte's mom actually was going to use for a gardening project! I love the contrast of combat boots with jean shorts. I was also really pleased with how well my feathered necklace went with Charlotte's outfit.

Isn't this picture fantastic? I love how it looks like it was taken with a fish-eye lense, but wasn't! Just the curve of the building.

Charlotte is wearing the black jacket. I was so lucky to find it. I don't even know how to describe it; sort of batwinged and cropped. The ruching lined down the sleeves fuels a biker feel, but the jacket actually isn't leather or even faux! It's the strangest fabric.. sort of like a heavy duty liner fabric, or even as Charlotte said, sort of like that material that's used in gardens to keep weeds down!

This is my favourite picture. The chemistry between the girls is fantastic. It looks like Charlotte is pushing the tree down while Nikki is holding it up. Accidental. My friends are so beautiful!


and I will dig my own grave, I'm miss begotten, I am the last one you save here

This post is really, really, overdue. I've been busy with other stuff lately and although updating my blog keeps landing at the top of my to-do list, it always turns out to be the least important thing to get done. Less important than getting a job maybe..
I'm finally in the mood, and I really need to be in the right mood to talk about certain things, especially things that mean so much to me. Like, Courtney Love.

July 10th, almost a month ago now, I ventured to Toronto with my friend Meghan, to see "Hole" in concert. Meghan is one of my musical soulmates, so I knew she'd be the perfect companion for such an event. It was an experience I'll never forget. The Sound Academy was packed with a huge range of people. Old, young, punk, grunge, whatever. Lots of Courtney look-a-likes. I even spotted some Nirvana tees.

One man in particular really caught my eye.. he was standing in line behind us waiting to get in. 40 or older, Caucasian, well dressed, and by himself. In one hand he held a dozen red roses, in the other a present in a fancy "Happy Birthday" bag complete with card. It made sense, as it was Courtney's 46th birthday the previous day. And I just thought, damn, that's dedication and love.

I'm not going to lie, I didn't rush out to buy the "Nobody's Daughter" cd when it came out. I read a bunch of stuff online prior to it being released and when they finally cleared up the confusion that Melissa Auf Der Mar was in fact NOT going to be a part of the reunion, as well as the fact that Eric Erlandanson wasn't involved and the only founding member was Courtney.. well I figured it wasn't going to be very good. Don't get me wrong, I know that Courtney is the roots of Hole and it wouldn't be anything without her, but I have to give credit to the others because Hole was this unbelievable package and it wasn't the same when she did her solo project. I've come to accept the fact that all the music I love from decades before is never going to be the same; I can go see the Smashing Pumpkins in concert but it will never be as good as if I had gone in 1993, and I didn't think Hole was an exception.. But a few days before the concert, I downloaded the new CD. And it was fucking good.

People tease me about being so in love with Courtney Love. I'm sure you can imagine all the things they say, I don't know a lot of people who appreciate her as much as I do. Going to the concert and being immersed in a crowd of screaming sweaty fans renewed my faith. And that doesn't even take into account the incredible vibe I got off of her. Not only did she look fantastic; she sounded incredible, as good as on CD if not better. The set list was perfect. And anyone who thinks she is a washed out junkie, I seriously urge you to go see her in concert. She's more real than any "rock star" I've ever seen in person. The way she spoke to the crowd in between songs, her mannerisms, everything she did just made me question all of the crazy shit I've heard about her.

I'm not saying she's the perfect role model. I'm not saying she's the perfect person. But, like many other musicians before her, she's been seriously misunderstood. She's been labelled and called all the names in the book and the fact that she still pushes on and makes music and stands up for what she believes in.. it's just phenomenal. And when it comes down to it, it's not hard to understand her. She once said "I might lie a lot but never in my lyrics." And I believe her.

She recently did a fantastic interview with Russh magazine, that you should really check out. Also check out this post, by someone who knows exactly how I feel... http://www.thestylerookie.com/2010/07/love_11.html

Hairclips being sold at the Merch table. They were sold out when we went to go check it out, but this gorgeous girl was lovely enough to let me photograph her wearing it.

Merch table. The biggest seller was the Skinny Little Bitch shirt. Even girls that weren't skinny bought it. I always get embarrassed by the people that buy the shirt and put it on right away... A good 20% of the crowd was wearing the same tee.

The Queen of Grunge.

Miss World.

Celebrity Skin.


Asking For It.

On stage, she mentioned a blog project of hers, or whoevers; a daily chronicle or her outfits to show the world that she can be a classy, fashionable woman. And it delivers... how incredible is it that this woman who seems to outline all of my inner thoughts and feelings perfectly into words I could never articulate along with the most beautiful music I've ever heard... also has fantastic fashion sense?? Decked out in Yohji, and Azzedine, and even McQueen?!?http://whatcourtneyworetoday.com/ It's just fantastic.