under the city lies a heart made of ground, but the humans will give no love

Have you seen or at least heard of the show Breaking Bad?? It's one of those shows that not a lot of people know of, but the ones that do absolutely love it. It's so well written and has some of the most believable characters I've seen on a TV show. I'm obsessing over it lately and can't wait 'til it comes back for the fourth season!

Anyways this will be irrevalent if you haven't seen the show, but then if you haven't, you probably should. Remember the cousins from season two and a little bit of three?

I loved the decor of this place. Day of the dead esque complete with sugar skulls, dead flowers and candles.

Well, I found a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes that reminded me an awful lot of the boots the cousins wear! Unfortunately couldn't find a picture of the ones from the show but here's the McQueen heels that reminded me...

So bad-ass.

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