i've been misunderstood for all of my life, but what they're sayin' girl just cuts like a knife

Found this article via WORN Fashion Journal's Twitter.
It's too fabulous.
Yes, young girls are easily influenced, and there are a lot of innapropriate role models out there for them.
I don't think it's right for young girls to be dressing too provocative/revealing, I've seen way too many Law & Order SVU episodes that just creep me right out when it comes to that subject matter. As well as episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras. It's kind of sick. There's a line that needs to be drawn and for the most part it's the parents that need to be enforcing some sort of guidlines with their daughters. I don't think this article falls into that category at all though.

I think it is extremely unfair to say that teen girls should be "dressing for their age". What does that even mean? Who made rules for how girls should be dressing at certain ages? I don't think young girls should be focused on looking sexy because there is so many other things in their life at that time that should be embraced. Looking hot should be the very last on the list of priorities. (Um, how about focusing on school, family, friends, sports, hobbies, etc?) But, if a ten year old girl shows an interest in fashion and wants to push the boundaries, why can't she? It should be nurtured! I think it's fabulous to have an interest in fashion that young. If it makes you happy. And it is one of the best forms of self-expression. I love that there are young girls that have so much fun picking out outfits, and then in return so much confidence in wearing said ensembles! I can specifically remember being severly insecure about what I wore and where I wore it when I was in grade school, and so I applaud any young girls who feel comfortable dressing themselves in wacky outfits and not caring what the other kids at school might think.

One of the girls in the article who is also featured in the slideshow is Chloe Blackshire. I'm not sure exactly what the basis of the article is. I mean they aren't exactly calling out these girls for being innapropriate, but moreso commenting on the influence they are under and the strangeness of their choices. (And making underhanded remarks about Taylor Momsen) But what is so strange about it at all!? Basically, this article is a pathetic example of a girl who is "confused and looming down the wrong path". I would be so pleased if this was my daughter. Not only does she have killer style, she's quirky, confident and smart. I think this is a story that should have gone in a totally different direction, like maybe.. praising the girl for having so much spunk? I sure do. I'm constantly amazed by the people that can inspire me, young and old.

Chloe, I'd love to go shopping with you.

All photos taken from NY Mag.


  1. i know her too :D
    We went to school together, we're best friends