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When it comes to photography, I can't quite get my words together. I guess that's sort of the whole point. A picture is worth a thousand words; it should say everything that you want to say, so you don't need to say it. But I also have a hard time describing what it is I like about a certain photographers style, or the aesthetics of the photo. I don't know if it's in the lighting, or the styling, or the model choice, or the props and the set. It could be all of those things that make a photoshoot a success, and computer editing always helps. But when I come across a photographers work that I like, I usually like almost everything they do and thus it's gotta be the photographer, not just the photo, that rules.
I came across photographer Donna Trope and have fallen in love with everything I've seen so far.
Here is an assortment of my favoured images:

Donna Trope has been worked with the likes of: Vogue, Harpers BAZAAR, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Revlon, New York Times Magazine, Dazed and Confused, ID, Aveda, Pantene, Saks Fifth Avenue and ELLE just to name a few.

All images taken from www.donnatrope.com


but I stay on, I stay on, where do I get off? on to greener pastures, the core has gotten soft

Part one of two
Moschino Cheap and Chic

Previously, I had totally misjudged this brand as one that I had no interest in whatsoever. But I was so wrong, and now it's got my attention. And briefly, yours too if you are reading this.
Originally created in 1983 by Franco Moschino, the company is now in the hands of Rossella Jardini. The label Moschino: Cheap and Chic was created in 1988 and it is their secondary womens line. Jardini, along with the help of Francesca Rubino, creates designs that are young, colourful, quirky and fresh. It seems that they have taken everything that is fun about fashion and thrown it all together; somehow it works.

For Spring 2012, the inspiration is produce. Fruit prints and patterns, straw belts, country florals, veggie buttons and embellishments and a quite literal carrot-top (hat). The environmentally friendly/eco chic theme is prominent throughout the collection. I wasn't crazy about the majority of the designs, these are the few I liked:

Strawberry candy is what this dress reminded me of

This carrot head piece was kind of fun, and upon further inspection I found that it actually was 3D! However, it was the only legume head accessory featured throughout the collection and I would have liked to have seen another 2 or 3 like it; it seemed a bit random and out of place.

This one I was a huge fan of. Love the bright yellow, the wheat print in the skirt, and the crochet lace overlay top.
Again, a big fan of the colourful crochet. Reminds me of a couch, or a table cloth, or something my grandmother once had.
Love this last wheat print as well, the colours are so calming.

However, it was t
hrough all the runway pictures I noticed you can sort of see the shoes and bags. My hunch that they were fabulous was correct when I came across better images of these:

Umm, hello I love you!

And these shoes ^
In my opinion, absolute perfection. They should have just designed the whole collection in the likes of green velvet and daisies.

All runway photos taken from www.style.com


doctor please, some more of these, outside the door she took four more, what a drag it is getting old

I am really obsessed with good album artwork it's almost my favourite thing about music and musicians taste in cover art. Tells a lot about a band and the aritsts in my opinion. Here are some of my favourite Rolling Stones album covers that I edited a bit for no reason at all other than sheer boredom.

Flowers - 1967 (A compilation)

Studio albums:

Their Satanic Majesties Request - 1967

Let it Bleed - 1969

Tattoo You - 1981

Undercover - 1983

Dirty Work - 1986