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Part Two of Two

The more I prolong blogging, the more it piles up and becomes even more exhausting. I've got a huge list of new blogs to check out as well as my regular favourites to read, not to mention a million magazines to catch up on.. And I just got my September issue of Harper's Bazaar to read.. and it's so fat! Anyways I think when I move back to London and start school I'm going to set aside one day a week for blogging, probably Sunday, where I can read and update and get all caught up! The amount of time I've been spending on Twitter lately just shows how lazy I am, if only everything could be shortened into 140 characters.

I'm finally going to post pictures of a photo shoot I did a few weeks back! After going over many Fall trends and picking out some of my favourites, I made a few trips to Value Village (practically the only vintage store around here) to get some material! Unfortunately they haven't brought out too many Fall/Winter things, so fur was nowhere in sight. However I've been working on hacking up a mink coat I own which is way too big for me. My friend Nicole found some really old fashion books for me and one has a section on how to work with fur. It's really messy but hopefully soon I'll be able to show you all my finished mink stole!

So after putting together the outfits, I got together with my friends/models Nicole and Charlotte and styled them. I took inspiration from the Chanel RTW show for their hair. All clothes and shoes are from Value village, necklaces are mine! All photos taken by me with Charlotte's Canon Rebel.

Nikki is wearing the army green jacket. I love the buttons and think the jacket looks good with layers and bunched up sleeves. Unfortunately it's still to warm to wear outside now!

Here, Nikki is wearing a wicked pair of boots that Charlotte's mom actually was going to use for a gardening project! I love the contrast of combat boots with jean shorts. I was also really pleased with how well my feathered necklace went with Charlotte's outfit.

Isn't this picture fantastic? I love how it looks like it was taken with a fish-eye lense, but wasn't! Just the curve of the building.

Charlotte is wearing the black jacket. I was so lucky to find it. I don't even know how to describe it; sort of batwinged and cropped. The ruching lined down the sleeves fuels a biker feel, but the jacket actually isn't leather or even faux! It's the strangest fabric.. sort of like a heavy duty liner fabric, or even as Charlotte said, sort of like that material that's used in gardens to keep weeds down!

This is my favourite picture. The chemistry between the girls is fantastic. It looks like Charlotte is pushing the tree down while Nikki is holding it up. Accidental. My friends are so beautiful!

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  1. That last picture is totally cute and I love the boots you've used for this shoot.