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I don't know about any of you, but I have been absolutely bored to tears with most of the shoes this season! I'm not a huge shoe fan to begin with, but I know what I like, and everything I've been seeing is just so plain. To be fair, the shoes are hardly the first piece of the collection. I understand that the clothes come first following a certain theme and the hair, make-up, jewellery and shoes must follow that trend therefore having them fall into a less funky category.

However, there were a few designers who seemed to embrace the shoe as a key element in the collection and the concepts they worked with seemed to live vivaciously throughout the look, head to toe.

So here's some picture of my favourite shoes for Fall 2010, see if you can find a common trend between them...






Okay so what I'm getting at here, is heels. And proportions. And the fact that there are countless trends that are repeated over and over again and yet limitless ideas when it comes to fashion! With shoes especially I think there are so many concepts that have yet to be explored and what I'm loving right now is unconventional heels. I've said it a million times before, fashion is art, it shouldn't have limits. Trends are fun to stay on top of but shouldn't become an obsession like they do for so many people. Same with labels. Personal style shouldn't be used to please anyone but yourself! It's just ridiculous not to, let's say, wear your favourite combat boots just because thigh-highs are currently in style? I'm learning to never say I hate any trend because 9 times out of 10 you will change your mind about it. And the chances are it's going to come back "into style" sooner than later.

I was reading an old issue of Harper's Bazaar yesterday, (April 2009) where I skimmed over the BUY, KEEP, STORE page. "Store" included arm bands, patchwork satchels, and floral shoes. "Find a spot in the back of your closet for flouncy floral touches." Exactly 30 pages later, I came across a feature of a Roger Vivier shoe:

"What could be better than a convertible shoe? A flowery stiletto morphs into a high-falutin wedge tout de suite."
Okay, so they're focusing more on the versatility of the shoe than the floral arrangement, but still. There are people out there who follow these tips religiously and it honestly just makes me sad. Take a stand on what you like and try not to change your mind on it just because it's currently "in" or "out".

So, the DSquared pumps are really badass, but they aren't my favourite. At first I was really loving the Balenciaga heels because they're so fantasticly futuristic, but yet they aren't my favourites either... Obviously I have a soft spot for anything McQueen, always, forever, I seriously have never seen anything McQueen that I haven't liked. And Sarah Burton is continuing to kick ass in his place.

Honestly, none of the above shoes are my favourite this season.
Instead, Rodarte wins my heart. Didn't even mean to rhyme.
I came across these shoes, which embrace all sorts of concepts and inspiration that I've been digging lately, and smushes it all together into these magical, whimsical little heels.

Now, i'm off to read about... heel-less shoes? Yeah, seriously. Talk about limitless.

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  1. hahah i like the chanel ones.. the icicle heel really is the icing on the cake for me