my mind's made up, i'm so fed up, 'cause i'm too much in love with you

I've been so terrible at keeping up with my blog lately!!! I've literally been making notes and lists of things to blog about as they come to me, but haven't put the time and effort in, to actually write it down for real.

I started school again, Fashion Merchandising, so I suppose I could lie and say I've been busy with that, but it's actually been a true bore so far. Basically I've just been living life. Which feels good.

I'm currently listening to a wicked mix-tape and burning incense, to spark some creativity and inspire me to write.

I wanted to spend most of tonight working on getting my Tumblr up and going; I can't tell you how many times I either come across something great on someone else's blog and want to re-post it, or randomly want to say something that isn't necessariliy fashion related so I feel strange posting it here... Plus I know way more people that have Tumblr! I love reading other people's, so if you have one message me it, I'd love to check it out!

Also, does anyone have any good fashion movie reccomendations for me? I recently watched the September Issue, and am itching for some more documentary type pieces. I once came across a film on the life and times of Issaac Mizrahi on TV at like 3 in the morning, it was really good...

Anyway look forward to some more posts recently, about..... Scarves? Glasses? NYFW? Boots? Local Vintage Shops? Local fashion events? There's actually a lot going on fashion-wise in my city/program right now.


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