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"Feltmaking is defined as the formation of cloth by the irreversible tangling of wool fibers using moisture, heat and friction. Wool has microscopic scales along its length that grab irreversibly on to one another when subjected to moisture (warm, soapy water) and friction (rubbing)."

In textiles class two years ago we did some felting projects, and I thought they were pretty lame because honestly, who wants to wear felt accessories? It's a material that little kids use for arts and crafts. But some of the girls in my class did some pretty cool stuff with it, and over the summer I got together with my friend Charlotte and her mom Cathy and we made our own felted scarves!
It was a lot of fun and the scarves actually turned out to be really cute. Charlotte's mom had previously made two gorgeous ones.. I can't say ours turned out as professional but I suppose it's a learning process.

It's super easy to do, and inexpensive depending on how much colour and fiber you want to use. We really lucked out because Cathy has bags upon bags of fibers and wools so we had unlimited amounts of colours and textures to use from, some of which were just gorgeous and made me wish I was a half decent knitter so I could make some more stuff!!

It's a long process, took us a whole afternoon to do it.. but it was a lot of fun and if you're a crafty person I'd reccomend trying it because they actually turn out quite fashionable. And of course they're totally DIY and one of a kind, which is a bonus when people ask where you got it :) I really want to have some more arts & crafts nights. If only my friends were as nerdy as me!

I think this is the first picture I've ever posted of myself on here. Oh god... haha

Char laying out her base colours (or lack of colour I suppose)

So.. we decided to go for a sort of 80's art deco space theme; blacks blues- really galaxy colours and splashes of white and some purples in mine. Soo beautiful! I love space.

All wrapped up in a neat little package.

Silk, wool, screening.

Rolling to fuse the fibers together. So messy but so fun.

Hi Penn-Penn!

Char taking out her agression on the scarf.

Now my turn.. I'm such a dork.

Finished products drying! And a dead thyme plant.

Once I find a perfect outfit to wear the scarf with, I'll post some pics of it!

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  1. awh dats cute allie. good post