I can't believe that I could be happy, summer will come again, I could be happy

Say hello to the WORST blogger ever... It's been forever! I'm so awful at keeping up with this thing lately, and it's because school and work have been kicking my ass! On top of going to class, I've been working a lot at my new job (H&M) and writing every week for my college newspaper. Life has been a blur lately, of homework and last minute procrastinations, I've hardly even been home and I don't even remember the last time I ate a real meal or went grocery shopping.

Another reason I've been neglecting my blog, is because I've started using Tumblr. And I'm obsessed. Seriously, I find myself wasting so many hours just looking at some of the most beautiful and inspirational images I have ever seen. That, shopping, reading, and sleeping have been my guilty pleasures lately. Autumn is my very favourite time of year, especially Novemeber which is my favourite month, so I've been trying really hard to make the most of it and have some amazing times. It freaks me out sometimes that I won't be in school much longer and I will be off starting my real working life.

However, there are a lot of great things in the works right now for me. Looking forward to becoming busier at work with the Christmas season looming upon us, I've got quite a few important birthdays this month including mine on the 25th, as well as the annual Re-Vamp Fashion Show on the 25th at the Music Hall. I've got an important project for school where we have to make Wigs for different time periods (I got Rococo), and midterm marks just came out. But I did exceptionally well. Also, I finally got my bass guitar back, sort of; it's at my parents house in Oshawa so once I can get it to London I can start taking lessons and possibly make further movements with starting a band. More to come on that later. And finally, me and my friend Amanda are currently venturing into a new project... a re-vamp vintage clothing idea where we may start making our own stuff and attempting to sell it at a store called Mesh which is downtown London and sells vintage and vintage inspired pieces; local and very chic. They take on entrepreneurs and sell the clothes while we take 40% profit. Again, more to come on that later but it's all very exciting!

Look forward to more posts from me soon, I promise. More home time this week means more time to write down my thoughts and inspirations right away instead of saving it for later and having it all build up! The internet is a fabulous thing.. such a great way for me to document all that I'm thinking for a bunch of uninterested strangers to read! Haha, just kidding.... sort of.


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