the beds were small but we felt so young, it was just like Christmas

Part two of two

This is a post consisting of pictures I took this holiday season.

I love icicles

very old Santa lights my grandma gave me

One of my ornaments from when I was a baby

My roomate Baillie's cat Jazzy by our tree

Our little pink tree

Christmas at the diner

One of three vintage ornaments I got from the Rag Bag Bazaar

Our next door neighbours have these expensive fake palm trees in their backyard

The ornaments I got from Urban Outfitters, They are about an inch in diameter

A cupcake ornament I got from Urban Outfitters

My cat Scrappie by the window back home

Another ornament I've had since I was a baby


  1. i think you see things in a very artistic way and have a natural talent for composition
    your christmas decorations are everything I wanted for myself this year, I can't wait to see more from you <3

    1. i've re-read this a few times and it is just the nicest cutest greatest comment woooooo yeah thank you so much this is motivation for me to publish more