diamonds where there once were stars, I'm sitting in Jayne Mansfield's car

Admittedly, I can be kind of a snob when it comes to liking popular things. It sounds stupid but I have always coveted individuality and rooted for the underdogs, so I'm never really overly enthused about things that are over-saturated and shoved in my face everywhere I turn. Maybe that's why I've never seen a Star Wars movie, or why the other day someone said "you seriously don't know who Macklemore is?" Not to mention I've completely refused to watch Game of Thrones because when I was indifferent about it from the start, and annoyingly so, the more it gets hyped up, the less I am interested. It's sort of a bratty attitude to have, but I've been trying to get better and not be so selective. The main thing to keep in mind is that you should never dislike something because too many other people do or because it's embarrassing or whatever.

There was a time when the movie Mean Girls got to be too much for me. And not even the movie itself, but the legacy it left. The endless quotes, the memes; it was mostly Tumblr in its earlier years that turned what was a really funny movie into a nightmare of repetition to the point where I couldn't even really see the original humour in it. Now, revisiting it a few years later, I feel different. I watched it this Christmas and sort of fell in love with it again. I had also been watching a lot of 2000's SNL and when I reminded myself that the movie is the product of Tina Fey (and Amy Poehler) I was reminded of why I loved it so much to begin with. And so, the older it gets, the more I see it turning into somewhat of a cult-classic and in its novelty, I can appreciate it more.

This morning, via NYLON Mag on Twitter, I discovered that the L.A. based jewellery company Stella and Bow are releasing a Mean Girls inspired collection. Ten photos were released through the NYLON website and though I'm not sure if this is the entire collection or just a sneak peek, I have all ten pictures here with (almost) all the prices. Personally, I'm partial to the first three cuffs, the "Fetch" Glen necklace, and the "Best Bitches" friendship necklaces. Definitely want to get those for me and my roomate.

All images and information taken from the article on NYLON Magazine's website here

Regina cuff - $110

Janis cuff - $63.25

Gretchen cuff - $110

Aaron cuff - $23.30

Damian cuff - $63.25

Karen clip - $55

Glen necklace - $53.25

Best bitches necklace - price unknown

Cady bracelet - $37.95

Cady bracelet - $37.95

Cady bracelet - $37.95

This necklace is not by Stella and Bow and it's separate from the rest of this blog post, but
I found it this morning while looking for images for another post and saved it anyways.
They have custom speech bubble necklaces for sale at Tatty Devine and this was posted
 via their Instagram

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