never thought that I would grow so old of seeing the gold, still I never want it to go

Totally late on posting these pictures since they are from 14 weeks ago, but life has been crazy. These pictures were taken late November, when I was almost 7 months pregnant. Near the end of December I began my long stay in the hospital due to complications with the pregnancy, and then my baby girl came 5 weeks early, on January 13th. I already feel like I didn't get enough pictures of myself while I was pregnant, which must be why I'm so adamant on taking a million pictures of Audrey (my daughter) now. That and the fact that she is literally the cutest baby to ever exist. If you don't believe me, just look at my Instagram.

My incredible friend Britt took these pictures of me; we didn't really have an agenda for the shoot, I just picked out a nice outfit which was hard because the majority of my clothes didn't fit me and I didn't buy a single article of clothing that was maternity-wear, during my pregnancy. I mostly wore tights and my boyfriends t-shirts every day. However, a friend of ours said he thought the pics were very Twin Peak-sy, and I can definitely see that, which is pretty cool since we didn't mean for them to be. Pics were taken in my apartment and just up the street from my house. I'm wearing a $10 crop top from H&M, both skirts are from American Apparel, and the fox fur is vintage. Lipstick is 'Diva' by MAC. I absolutely love these pictures, unfortunately when my grandma saw them she said I looked like "a lady of the night". I believe that means a prostitute. Oh well, what do you think??

Britt is a photographer based in London, ON and specializes in event photography.
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Love you Britt! Thanks again so much for doing this with me xoxo

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  1. omg this is like the ultimate baby bump wearing outfit! glad to hear both you and your little girl are doing ok, Audrey's such a great name :)