we're only young & naive, still, we require certain skills, the mood it changes like the wind

I'm in Oshawa for a few days and have been binging and purging nostalgia.
Life, time, memories and everything that gets lost along the way, is an obsession of mine.

I only have my camera from my phone to use, but here is a series of photos I've taken of odd things I've found that were important to me at one time, maybe still are. A strange series of objects that make up who I've become over time.

My Walkman that I used throughout some of elementary school and all of high school. The Horrorpops sticker fit perfectly, then you've got some Rainbow Brite stickers on there too for a little extra jazz. I actually want to start using this thing again.

This is a shelving unit on my wall in my bedroom here, I actually made it in shop class in high school and was super stoked on it for a long time. Still pretty proud of it, it's really functional at least since I have so much crap. Let's go clockwise: perfume I wore in high school, jewellery boxes, a hemp bracelet, SNES games, teddy bear and lookbook from 2nd year of college. Polaroid camera, paper chain, thread, picture from Grade 1, some ornamental Japanese tree that I've had since I can remember. Incense, small sewing kit, "A" magnet, Andy Warhol photo cube, sticker from B.C. of some Hindu deities, candle, furry cat that meows when you press a button, Barbie with some rad shades, the Distillers self-titled album case. Picture frame (me and my sis), Magic 8 Ball, jewellery boxes, perfume and pill bottle, best of the Pixies cd case, friendship bracelet, large Peacock feather. In the middle is a Nicole shrine; a stuffed cat she made for me in Grade 9, a popsicle stick valentine craft, a collection of notes from her throughout high school and a wire cat + "Allie Katt" she made for me in welding class, I think.

My punk rawk jean jacket from high school. Still love it to pieces. Cut from this ridiculous jean jacket dress from VV, with lace sewn on the front, zebra print on the back, a Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards patch on the arm and a homemade Distillers patch on the back. Note the "Red Carpet & Rebellion"? Represent. Should be a new blog header, haha. Used to have a bunch of pins on it too.

Huge bulletin board of crap I've collected over the years. Ramones, NOFX, Jimi Hendrix, Horrorpops, and Rancid pictures. Concert tickets, patches, pictures from when I was a little kid up 'til college years, and of course pics of Molly. Best part is probably the Lizzie McGuire sticket that says "Fashion, I'm all over it!"

Clash poster and record, both adorning my walls.

This was a project for my Careers class in high school, I'm pretty sure I failed it. Was supposed to be some sort of folder that represented me and my interests, future, goals, etc. Fuck it, I still think it's pretty damn accurate. Ramones, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Hole, Almost Famous, The Misfits, DDR, The Labyrinth, Elliot Smith. More Bob Dylan, Calvin and Hobbes, The Transplants, G-Unit clothing (I guess supposed to be a joke, so funny), M.I.A. and a cute picture from Uxbridge days. I think in the inside of it I also had more Ramones, Pink Floyd, and a picture of the boys from the Outsiders.

Obviously the best pencil cases to ever have been made. Spacemaker you rule. Inside there are dog stickers with some really strange things written on them.

Winnie the Pooh boxes...

...With Beanie Babies inside.

Just the absolute worst photo quality, but these are all my pins that I've saved over the years. Cinnabon and Arby's name tags, 3 bottle caps pins I bought from the Clothing Show in Toronto a few years back. The Creepshow, Pink Floyd, NOFX, David Bowie, Anti-Flag, The Exploited, Ramones, the Headstones, the Heatskores, Horrorpops, Rage Against The Machine, Stars, Misfits, Rancid, the Cramps, Social D. Also Toronto Police as well as a Vegan symbol pin.

I guess I'm still the same person, sort of.

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