Just about everyone in my family has an obsession with collecting junk. Of course, to us it isn't junk- it's collectibles, figurines, decorations, antiques, and toys. My mom has a large collection of vintage tins, Coca-Cola products, cups/mugs/dishware/utensils/tea cups etc. (mostly vintage), as well as just about anything Mickey Mouse. My dad collects comic books and comic book paraphernalia (mostly if not all Marvel), he used to collect Toronto Blue Jays stuff (which is now nearly all vintage), and anything Budweiser (his favourite beer). My brother has always had impressive collections of books, cds, comics, graphic novels, movies, and more recently zines. My grandma collects bells and spoons, and my weaknesses are porcelain cats, glass pop bottles, and dream catchers.

Everyone has these kind of things around their homes, that really serve no purpose whatsoever. It's just nice to have "stuff". I love displaying it all out on shelves and table tops, and I don't have much order or organization. I've found that the kitschy look is usually what I'm going for. Depending on what you've got to showcase, though, there are ways to keep your things organized and displayed neatly. Afterall, what's the point in having all this crap if no one even sees it?

My whole life, we have always had printers drawers in our home. I think we've always had two, and they haven't changed much since I was little except we are always adding on to them. I haven't really seen too many other people who have them in their homes, and in case you aren't sure what a printers drawer is, here are some pictures!

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/68499916@N00/3571957418/

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jbarnholtz/5528089350/

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/the-vintage-cottage/4432632686/

All they are, is shelves for the walls with tiny compartments to fit all the smaller knick knacks and things that would probably get lost if they were placed anywhere else. Usually made out of wood, or at least the ones we own are, they just serve as a spot to showcase whatever you want to. Common things people place in them are; small toys, figurines, jewellery, buttons, ornaments etc. Any old Barbie clothes or props we had from when we were kids are now in the printers drawer as well as things from dollhouses. Basically anything miniature is perfect for a printers drawer. I really don't know why me and my mom especially have such a liking for tiny things, but we've accumulated a lot over the years and it's a good thing we have a proper spot for it all.

Printers drawer in our living room

Close ups; a miniature bow, little yellow thing for playing .45 records
eiffel tower charm, Much Music pin, little apple and old candy wrappers

Tiny diapers, Corn Flakes, milk, Tabasco sauce, bags of flour, apple juice,
ketchup bottles, rolling pins, eggs in a basket, Coca Cola, combs, spiders,
baby's bottle, ice cream erasers, Winnie the Pooh stamps and tiny gum

More Japanese fruit erasers, old candy wrappers, tiny paper bag of Budweiser beer,
small toy cars, tiny Brillo box, miniature tea set, tiny Tupperware and Barbie shoes

In our family room

A thimble, a tiny set of tools, a cool cigarette pack, Homer Simpson pez
dispenser, crystal rock, Harley Davidson cigarettes, small chinese checkers
set, tiny Monopoly game, a lantern, and more Simpsons figurines

Pieces from Monopoly, porcelain cats, small picture
frame with me my sis and bro, tiny Xmas fireplace scene, miniature
film roll, tiny dartboard, small Christmas present and you can hardly tell
in this picture but there is a small bundle of cat whiskers saved there too,
small boxing gloves, Spiderman and Pebbles Popeye candy sticks,
tiny tiny Beetlejuice doll, more porcelain cats, a wishbone, tiny old lady hat,
tiny cash register, rocking chair, and Budweiser beer bottle

Small wooden milk jugs, Paddington bear toys, troll doll, army man, Coleman lantern
keychain, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves matchboxes, bubblegum pin,
mini statue of liberty, tragedy and comedy masks, tiny books (some of which open)
a Womble from England, small can of motor oil, another little bubblegum figurine,
Charlie Brown, tiny wooden clock, tiny red bike, little wooden school desk,
and a wooden C block

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  1. my grandma has always had a bunch of these little printers drawers too! she taught me how to find things i wanted to collect, and then build my collections. it was so much harder before ebay. i try not to look on there as much as possible, because nothing is quite as exciting as stumbling upon the very thing you have been obsessively searching for when you least expect it.