I have a new favourite artist that I discovered through Tumblr. Her name is Chika Takei and she's from Tokyo. Here is a selection of her work (my favourites). All images via

For more images and information, visit www.chikatakei.net

A header image from her website that I made transparent and edited a bit
Another image from the Chika Takei website that I've made transparent

Rainbow child

Chihuahuas for days

Obviously I love anything to do with flowers

So cute! "Gift"

"Rice planting"


"7 days a week" I love these traffic lights girls

"Sigh of sigh"



"Energy" This is my favourite! Anything to do with food

Really into this one "Adult purchasing"

Sassy girls "Rival" her illustrations of twins are the best

Seeing double again "Mutual understanding"

Anything to do with ice cream...

Or any dessert


"Lazy girl"

"Summer day"

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