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I swear to god, right now is the golden age of fashion, or something. Maybe. I am at a point in my life where I am the most confident and conscious of my fashion tastes. I spend so much time looking at fashion and reading about fashion, that I have discovered so many designers who cater to my aesthetic very fluidly. There are over a handful of designers out there right now, creating some of the most incredibly beautiful collections that I have ever laid eyes on. To me, true fashion is fist and foremost always an art - therefore functionality isn't usually a major concern of mine. Besides, my personal style isn't heavily influenced by said designers or current collections (mainly because I have no money, ever). The day I own something that I have seen on the runway will be a glorious day indeed. Who knows if it will ever happen? My admiration for high fashion is merely that, an admiration, a fascination. I just love fashion, and 2014 is a great year for fashion.

I didn't post any coverage of S/S 2014. It is only late February, but fashion week just happened and all of the second-wind of collections for 2014 are being posted online. Each year we get minimum two collections from most major designers; SS and AW. Because of the cycle and how ahead of the actual trend high fashion is, we are presented with all of the information and inspiration we need roughly two months into the year. So, it's technically right now we're at the end of Winter 2013 for fashion and going into the time of wearable weather-practicality for the fashion of SS14. But, we've all had the chance to know what's up for Spring since a few months ago and now we're getting the lowdown for the fashion for Fall/Winter later this year. Just in case you didn't understand that, because I will admit I found it confusing at first.

I usually view collections via Style.com but I prefer the artistic integrity of Dazed and Confused's photography and so I will be posting pictures of various collections via their website as well! For Autumn/Winter 2014, I am totally freaking out about Rodarte. What else is new? Kate and Laura Mulleavy are two of my favourite designers. It was in 2008, when I started taking Fashion Design in college, that I became aware of and remembered, many designers/design houses. At the start of that year, if you were to ask me who my favourite designer was, I probably would have said I liked Dior or Chanel or something. I honestly didn't know. Now, even a few years later, my taste for style hasn't changed that drastically. And I understand fashion a lot better. Rodarte became one of my faves, they are still one of my faves if not favourite of all the fashion labels.

This collection is many things. My summary of this precious and personal masterpiece is:
  • vintage/layered sleepwear/lingerie
  • 70's / 90's but actually 80's
  • Grandma-geek-chic
  • Star Wars
  • texture/patchwork/crochet
  • glowing/galactic cosmetics
  • parkas
  • more layering
  • paper-bag scrunched waistbands
  • shoulder emphasis
  • Earth-tones VS. un-Earth-ly tones (sparkles from outer space)
  • childhood memories VS. kitschy old lady
  • turtlenecks and peplums
Did I mention all the make-up is NARS? Only my favourite make-up brand of all-time!

Here are my very favourite looks from the show, all images via Style.com

My favourite look from the whole collection!!! It's Chloe Nørgaard from
One Model Management with her pastel pink and purple locks. I love the
colours in this picture :)
Iekeliene Stange from Marilyn Agency
Kia Low from Next Model Management
Dasha Denisenko
Svetlana Zakharova
Nova Malanova from Supreme Model Management
Riley Montana
Mina Cvetkovic
Louise Parker
Madison Leyes
Meghan Collison
Nadja Bender
Thairine Garcia
Irina Kravchenko
Kremi Otashliyska
Mariana Santana from Elite Models
Leila Nda
Marta Dyks from Next Model Management
Nicole Keimig
"Here's some money. Go see a star war." - Lucille Bluth


These are the photos from the fabulous magazine Dazed and Confused. I got them here at Dazed Digital. Photography by Lea Colombo; a photographer with an impressive resume (for a 19 year old). I just love the dreaminess of this photography; it lets you see the fashion in a completely different way. It is just picture-esque LITERALLY!

Esther Heesch from Next Models
Iekeliene Stange from Marilyn Agency
Mariana Santana from Elite Models
Kia Low from Next Model Management
Emily Astrup from Ford Models
Chloe Nørgaard from One Model Management
Nova Malanova from Supreme Model Management
Marta Dyks from Next Model Management
I never thought I'd see the day when Star Wars would get a spot in my tags but alas here I am blogging about it through fashion, it's made its way into my world. My boyfriend will appreciate it though, as he is a big Star Wars fan and thinks it is ridiculous that I have not ever seen any of the movies. I don't mind the use of the prints on the textiles in this collection, I think it adds something that is needed, if the collection were without it I think it would seem unfinished. Some reactions were like, "but what's the point even?" and I sort of don't think there is any deep meaning other than the fact that the sisters just wanted to use Star Wars images in this collection because they could and because the collection is so influenced from their childhood and growing up in the 80's. Rodarte weren't the only fashion greats that let Star Wars heavily influence their designs; Preen also had various outfits featuring what I think are called Storm Troopers. Or maybe it's just Darth Vader. Anyways, Jamie this is for you.

Now for some up close detail shots:

I really like the colours in the gloves!
The bracelets were all gold bands, most with butterflies on them
Butterfly necklaces too!
Star Wars printed textile
Glittery copper parka


Chloe Nørgaard's beautiful mermaid hair from behind on the runway
Madison Leyes' hair with big butterfly clips
Svetlana Zakharova
Kai Newman
Louise Parker


Sparkly socks and star studded shoes
More stars and gems
Never seen an Oxford type shoe with an open back like this!
Obsessed with these shoes!
Sneak peek

Abstract crochet rug skirt and matching bag


Really want to know more about the inspiration/ideas behind these bags!
Moreso I'd be interested to know how much one of these goes for! $
The best colours, my fave bag! Looks like someone killed a Muppet to make it

Backstage! Images provided by NARS Cosmetics :)

Mina and Louise
Dasha and Meghan
Marta and Mariana
Mariana, Leila and Irina
Svetlana, Esther and Emma
Kremi and Ophelie
Thairine, Madison, Dani and Kassandra

Front row was Dakota Fanning, who I must say is looking very fine; and Miss Anna Wintour wearing... what else? Fur and Chanel.


All backstage images via NARS Cosmetics from here and also from here

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  1. I loved reading what you had to say and the images you chose of the Rodarte show <3