Ashish AW14

One of my favourite collections for A/W 2014 is by Ashish. It is a brand that I have only somewhat recently discovered but I'm completely obsessed with Ashish Gupta and he continues to impress me with his designs every time I see them. This collection is really "out-there" but there are so many awesome elements to it that make it wearable; not to mention as an artist Gupta will no doubt lend an influence to trends this coming season.

Here are my favourite looks from the collection, images via Style.com

Here are the pictures from Dazed Digital; all photos by Lea Colombo. She did a great job of capturing important aspects of the clothes like the glittery-ness and the shape and movement of certain garments.
Betty Adewole from IMG - I like that she always looks unhappy; and Kwak Ji Young from Elite Model Management

Chloe Norgaard again! Her perfect hair really complimented the aesthetic of this
collection - with these wavy curls she looks like a different person 

Betty Adewole from IMG! I love that this looks like it was taken with a film camera

Kayla Clarke. This decorative denim is to die for and paired with lace is the only option.
I can't imagine what beast of a sewing machine could manage these denim frills.
It reminds me of something D.J. Tanner would wear. Sooooo late 80's!

And here are some detail shots from the Style.com pictures:

And finally here are some more super awesome pictures of the show from HungerTV.com

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