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Urban Decay is one of my favourite cosmetic brands. The Naked palletes are fabulous; they also have a wide selection of bright colours. Urban Decay fans are loyal, they know that the product is quality and long-lasting as well as unique and fun.

And now the most exciting thing about UD is...

via Urban Decay on Twitter

@urbandecaycosmetics on Instagram

Announced via their Instagram, they are releasing a Pulp Fiction collection, this Autumn.

Since it is one of my favourite movies, I am very excited. The collection is basically an ode to Missus Mia Wallace, who is without a doubt one of the coolest chicks to appear on the big screen, like, ever. So,

and buy something from the collection, duh

It will include a red lipstick, a red lipstick liner, and red nail polish - all named "Mrs. Mia Wallace", an eyeshadow palette with four shades: "Righteous" - a pale peach colour, "Tyranny" - a brown colour, "Vengeance" - an even darker brown colour, and "Furious/Anger" - which is actually a split of white and black. And finally, to top it all off, there is a Heavy Metal liquid liner in a sparkly silver by the name of "Gunmetal".

It's going to be out July 16th! How will I restrain myself from buying every single item? I really don't know. I'm a collector at heart.

The prices will range from $19-$34 CAD, very affordable in my opinion.

I'm so glad Urban Decay decided to pay homage to Pulp Fiction; my favourite Tarantino movie and one of the greatest movies of all time. It is proof that cult classics will live on forever and I personally think it's very cool that Uma Thurman's character from '94 is still inspiring fashion and beauty.

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