London baby shower part 1

Here are some of the pictures from my London baby shower which was 6 weeks ago and I'm finally posting them! These are ones that I took, I'll be posting the rest in a day or so. Special thanks to my girls Britt, Madi, and Alayna for putting this together for baby and me. We love you so much!!!

Cutie banner made by my girls

Amazing bath salts giveaways for the guests made by my girls

Baillie, Carolyn, and silly face Conway


Me and Peanut

Baillie and Conway + me and Audrey failing to get a nice pic together

Barbara and Audrey

Conway in his new hoodie

Buncha girls fussing over babies

Audrey and Conway Take 1

Audrey and Conway Take 2

Audrey and Conway Take 3

Audrey and Conway Take 4

Audrey and Conway Take 5

Audrey and Conway Take 6

Sam and Audrey snuggling

Alayna and Conway

Sam, Audrey and Alayna

Sam, Audrey and Alayna

Linnea and Audrey

Sam, Linnea and Audrey

Sam, Linnea and Audrey

FYI ladies, if I posted a picture of you, it is because (duh) I genuinely thought you looked nice! But I know we can sometimes be hard on ourselves, so if I post a pic of you but you want it taken down, just let me know. Xoxo

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