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I've been listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs all night and basking in admiration of Karen O. I just love her a lot. She's fantastic as a musician, but I really appreciate her as a fashion icon also. She's worn some crazy outfits, on-stage and off; but I feel like she doesn't get that much credit for it? Not even credit, but recognition. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are pretty famous, are they not? Ipod commercials and whatnot? So why do idiots like Lady Gaga get all the hype for wearing such loud pieces and get credited for being original and unique and so ground-breaking? I could go on about all the powerful female musicians that have made a statement in the fashion world, (Björk? Madonna?) and how no one is really unique anymore and comparisons are really obvious but also annoying? (It's nice sometimes to just appreciate things and stop trying to relate everything to something else..) BUT, what I really want to talk about, is the fabulous woman behind Karen O's celebrated fashion. The magnificent mastermind of Karen O's image:

Christiane Joy Hultquist, better known as Christian Joy, was born in Iowa in '73. She's a good friend of Karen O and is so far, best known for designing costumes outfits for the lovely Miss Orzolek. She was never formally trained in fashion design, which is fair enough since she started off making things with less sewing involved; more glueing, cutting, crafting. Wearable art is one of my favourite types of design. I've got tons of respect for all the accomplished seamstresses out there, but making outfits out of found articles and putting things together in literally any way you please, is so much more fun and creative. The limits are endless.

Once Yeah Yeah Yeahs got really big, she was able to start designing full time and was involved in a lot of really cool things, like exhibits at art galleries and a collaboration with TopShop. As of this January, she's been selling on Etsy. I like her ready-to-wear collections, although I'm really falling out of love with the whole graphic tees and prints, but I don't care. It's her costumes I really fall in love with. She's a born couturier in my eyes; it makes me wish I had more special occasions other than just Halloween to dress up. Anyways, there's a documentary coming out soon on Christian Joy and her husband Jason Grisell.. I can't wait to check it out!

All pictures taken from Christian Joy's official website.

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