just bend the pieces 'til they fit, like they were made for it, but they weren't meant for this

Part One of Two

I've had an itch for thrifting lately, I can't do it if I'm not in the mood but as soon as I get the craving it doesn't go away until I go! So I think tonight I'm going to go to Value Village with my friend Meghan, but first I'd like to plan out some ideas so I know what I want to look for.

I have a feeling there are a few key trends for this Fall season that I will be able to snatch and make my own using pieces from the thrift stores. And here they are...

Fur (Chanel//Kasia Struss)
Camel (Chloé//Siri Tollerød)
Grey suede shoes (Nina Ricci//Egle Tvirbutaite)
Thick knit socks (Prada//Ginta Lapina)
Animal print (Roberto Cavalli//Kasia Struss)
Grey knit sweater (Etro//Freja Beha Erichsen)
Army style jacket (Burberry//Ranya Mordanova)

There are very few times that I find vintage pieces that are good to wear right away. I alter almost everything I get from thrift stores, which is fine because I love to sew. But I know a lot of people who don't, and have trouble altering clothes that they buy second-hand and often will purchase something in the hopes of re-vamping it, when in reality it gets thrown in the closet and never worn due to laziness. Is it easier to just buy things that fit well and discard the ones that don't? However, I recently took a TSC at a job interview, which is a quiz of sorts, and one of the questions was "If a customer comes in to try on jeans, and find she is not satisfied with any of the styles in-store, what would you tell her?" With one of the possible answers being, "I think you should get this pair, and you can take them to get altered to better fit your needs" What a stupid answer?? Who goes out to buy jeans only to have to take them for alterations right afterwards?? My conclusion is; even if I had unlimited money I would not stop thrift shopping. I like the hunt, and being able to alter things my own way to further make them more unique. However, when buying items first-hand, you should not at any point throughout the trying-on and purchase, be questioning whether or not you will have to fix them.

I'll update later with (hopefully) the success of my purchases!

All runway photos taken from Style.com

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