I saw a little child, find a penny and he smiled, but what do children see, it's a mystery to me

This semester in school we are making garments for the annual "Wearable Art Show". They haven't decided on a theme yet but it's a toss up between Toys and Comic Books. Either would be really cool, I've started brainstorming ideas for both.

Naturally, if the theme is Toys, I want to do something with Barbie dolls and call the piece "Doll Parts".

We (Amanda and I) are thinking of encorporating decapitated doll heads onto a dress of some sort, or Barbies hanging from nooses, or mutilated dolls, etc. Something very loud and unnatural. I seriously doubt anyone else is going to take this route, so the originality is cool too. Here's some inspiration pictures I've gathered so far...

Some badass tattooed barbies and Sugar Skull aka Day of the Dead bitties.

This, unfortunately, really reminds me of the scene from Ghost World when Enid is in her summer school art class and the annoying feminist chick presents her tampon in a tea cup project. Also, "That piece is entitled; Mirror, Father, Mirror. I like to show it to people that I am meeting for the first time, because, I think it says so much about who I am, what it feels like to inhabit my specific skin."


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