I've always loved I-spy games, Where's Waldo books, and making magazine/newspaper collages. Growing up we had a round kitchen table that was made of wood but had a circular glass top that you could take on and off. At some point my family made a giant collage of all sorts of magazine cut outs and newspaper comics etc. and the whole table was like a giant I spy, we would sit there as kids and look at it. We would point out different things we saw, our favourite parts, and even after years I could look at it and see something I'd never seen before. I really wish I had a picture of it, or that the table still existed because the images were all from the 90s and I'd probably appreciate it a lot more now.

Growing up, my parents always made sure we had tons of books. Books and reading were an important part of my childhood and I truly believe it has so much to do with how me and my siblings turned out, because we are all extremely intelligent. Sorry, I'm not sorry. We owned almost all of the classic I spy books, and they were a part about my childhood I will never forget. I think after we got a bit older we gave them to my two younger cousins, so my aunt might still have them.

I was always fascinated by the beautiful images, I would stare for hours at the pictures trying to point out every little detail, to find every hidden piece. They were colourful and whimsical. I remember the Christmas edition especially was my favourite, and I absolute died over the page of Christmas cookies. I also remember that some pages in the spooky edition actually scared me, and I didn't like looking at them alone.

Interestingly enough, decent pictures of these books are hard to come by. The best I can find online are tiny images, even straight from the authors websites. It's also impossible to find pictures of the inside pages of the books. Has no one has spent their afternoon scanning in proper pages of these books for my use? Do I have to do everything? I wonder if they have them at the library. If not, I think they are only $10 a pop. Anyways, have a look at the pictures I did come across and see if they look familiar to you!


  1. OMG I loooooved I spy books! I used to sit down in libraries and just read all of them

  2. this book were SO MUCH FUN ahhh such a great post! it might be time to go to the bookstore and pick one up for old time's sake.