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Recent purchases
Part one of two

Since I'm constantly bad at blogging, this post is way overdue and these things were bought almost a month ago now. Regardless, here are some pics of things I've spent my money on recently

New hairdyes. I actually don't know why I keep buying Manic Panic, everybody says how it's the worst and it hasn't been giving me good results. I used the cotton candy and it lasted maybe a week

Bat necklace that I picked out and purchased rather hastily, I realized after it's kind of a bat/demon hybrid, or maybe a gargoyle style bat. He looks like satan... new fave necklace!

Found this gem in the discount patch bin, then got the sales girl to bring one in every colour for a total of 4 alien babies for me and Lizz

Glowing blue bat lights from Canadian Tire

Glowing purple spider lights from Canadian Tire

$6 boots from Value Village

I got a bunch of patch type decorations from Michaels on sale for cheap, they seem pretty sturdy and I think they'd be super cute to put on a vest or jacket

Here you can see that the patch(es) are actually just thin felt with sequins sewn on and a bit of embroidery!

Cat sweater from F21 (cat iPhone case from Ebay)

New plated collar necklace from F21

Minnie Mouse ears/headband from Value Village

Bought my scrunchies in bulk

My new shirt with a comic book style print

Front of my new Misfits shirt

Back of my new Misfits shirt

Cozy Ramones sweater from work

Maxi skirt from my work

Vertical striped pants from my work

Beetlejuice butt

P.S. as me and my friend Alayna always like to say, it's important to TREAT YO SELF and for me that means hard shampoo and yummy conditioner! Makes my hair smell like strawberries and cream, especially after I blow dry it


  1. you have such good taste in everything alyssa! <3

  2. omfg american cream is a total dream, i love it!

  3. and this is gotta stop if you are going to be able to afford your own apartment!!
    But I must say, very cool shit baby girl!
    Love yo mama!

    1. Omg... my mother, everyone! I knew you'd say something like that!!!