if you were a pill I'd take a handful at my will, and I'd knock you back with something sweet and strong, plenty of times you wake up in February makeup

Scanned in some of my beloved vintage valentines that I purchased a few years back. They each have actual red velvet on them somewhere and some have pieces you fold in or add on. So cute!!!

I also made a Valentines mixtape, and posted it on 8tracks:

The track list is:

Here are some other old valentines I found in our basement:

And here are some images from my phone (my only camera):

Plastic containers with candy inside from mum
Hello Kitty chocolates from mum
Also got the french candy hearts I noticed
Vintage valentine in the window of a book store, Toronto
Picture for the month of February on my calendar
Plastic decoration in a store window, London

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  1. what a cute collection!!! valentines day is sm fun, i particularly love the sunflower valentine. hope you had fun, love <3