Patterned paint rollers

I just came across this crafty idea and I'm surprised that I'd never heard of it before. I'm very intrigued and would like to remember to try them out the next time I have a new apartment to paint. What I'm talking about, are wallpaper applicators. Basically, paint rollers that have built in designs so that when you paint the walls with them you create a faux wallpaper effect. Think of them as rather elaborate and intricate stamps. Available for many uses, there are rollers for fabric, and ones for paper/wood/walls. They are reusable and interchangeable though not for heavy use. From The Painted House.com there are a selection of designs reminiscent of vintage hand printed fabrics. A great DIY decorating idea; once applied you will have an interior that looks "sponged, gently handmade, like old, forgotten, sunbleached wallpaper".

I'd imagine the application wouldn't be as easy as one might hope, especially if the parts of the print need to line up at all, as it is with regular wallpaper. You'd have to be quite accurate and straight with the rollers if you wanted a neat print and be careful not to go over a print twice otherwise it would start to look very messy and unrecognisable. But it would no doubt be a fun application.

Out of the designs to choose from, my preferences would be:

Roller 3

Roller 7

and Roller 8

Purchase a paint roller of find out more about them here