into the sea, you and me all the years and no one heard, i'll show you in spring, it's a treacherous thing, "we missed you" hissed the love cats

I don't know how to say this, but I am a big fan of cats. Cats are the best animal, I have always thought this, I will always think this, they are my main joy in life. I grew up with two all white cats named Boy and Girlie. Later we got a grey Maine Coon named Kit Kat who had to wear a cone his entire life. Nowadays, my parents have four cats at their house (my sister took one off their hands recently) and I am living out west on my own with no pets. It's really sad, so I make a point to stop and pet every stray I see. I got to do that just the other night, it was fantastic. Everyone always asks me "are you going to be a crazy cat lady when you grow up?" Well I already am a crazy cat lady, and when I "grow up", I want to move to this island in Japan:

Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture on the north east coast of Japan
You can take a ferry over to the island from Ishinomaki where you will find roughly 100 residents; one person is 37 but the rest are ALL over 60 years old!!! So it's basically just an island of old people, and lots of cats. I'm sure you have lots of questions as to when, why and how these cats got there.

Basically, people who used to live on the island raised silkworms for making silk and they kept cats to keep the mice population down (mice are a predator to silk worms!) Also, net fishing was popular on the island, and fishermen would often stay overnight at the island. Obviously the fishermen fell in love with all the kitties so they would feed them scraps. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest stories ever told. I will move there, and take over the island when all the old people die. I can't wait!!! I hope Japanese citizenship isn't too hard to obtain.

Images and info taken from this website

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