one day I woke up and everything was beautiful, my troubles had all fallen out the window, satan sucks but you're divine, sitting pretty by my side

Silly me, I've got to stay on top of the cool upcoming artists. I don't want to wait around for someone to tell me what new mainstream artist I should listen to. It's so much more exciting and awesome when you discover a band just starting out, reletively underground still. That's when the best stuff happens; there are so few musicians that I listen to and think "wow, I really don't like their early stuff" THAT NEVER HAPPENS! However, as a musician progresses, if I like them, I will wait anxiously for them to come out with more, more material. And hopefully they'll continue and grow and provide good shit the whole way through.

I had a ditsy moment the other day when I was looking at a blog. The autoplay music came on in my headphones, and usually that pisses me off. Instead I was hypnotized because it sounded so dreamy. I listened to it on repeat a few times, then messaged the owner of said blog, and... duh! it's Rose Keeler-Schäffeler, also known as KEEL HER

Turns out I've been following her on Tumblr for a while now, not knowing about her musical talent. After I sent her a message, she added me to Facebook! What a friendly gal.

What I know about Rose: she has great taste in .gifs and "net art". She likes cats. She's British! She is very pretty. Need I say more? Aside from a huge fan base on Tumblr, I predict she's gonna be adored by all the chicks just like me. Anyone who is into riot grrrl, and surfer/skater culture, drugs, rebellion, boys and sex and stuff. She has a song called "Steve Holt" so she is pretty much perfect; anyone who likes Arrested Development is OK in my books. She's been making music for a while and deserves all the love and recognition I can give because she is truly talented.

She has over 15 EPs already released including covers and demos. Check out all of them, but especially the Emanuel EP as well as the Tammy EP

Weirdo EP

She makes incredible tunes and I urge you all to listen and get obsessed, you will love it. Once I start my new job, I am definitely buying some (if not all) of it

My fav songs are:
Enid Coleslaw
Steve Buscemi
Cyber Goth
Riot Grrrl (this was the one I had on repeat for days)
Swanson Pyramid of greatness (Kathleen Hanna Tribute)
Boner hit

And there you have my latest obsession and 2012 summer jams

Links to:

Soundcloud (lots of songs to listen to here!)

Pictures taken from the KEEL HER Tumblr

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