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I have lots of beads and meters of chain, so I am starting some new DIY projects. Basic necklaces with one charm or a few beads are boring; I want to find other ways to use chain (ie: not just purposeful) and other ways to use beads (again, using beads for things other than to be beaded) if that makes any sense!

For example: I used a hot glue gun to stick some heart shaped beads onto a headband that I wore out for pride weekend. It was really simple and so cute!

Another idea I really like is chain collar necklaces. I've found a few pictures for ideas and inspiration (most are taken from Tumblr and unforunately I have sources for none of them) but they are pretty simple and I think I can elaborate on the idea quite a bit more.

Collar clips are another thing I might try

I desperately want to get some bone beads (I have some... maybe 4 max) so that I can do something like this. Hopefully by October!


  1. that headband with the heart beads is so cute! and i like those collar necklaces. A+!

  2. I die, that headband is tres cute, and you've got great ideas! you should make me something *wink wink* Yesterday was my half birthday!!

    1. Okay! I love sending/receiving mail. Happy belated b-day!! I'm in the middle of putting together a few little packages right now. Message me your address, through Tumblr I suppose?

  3. I used to have so many colorful beads when I was younger.
    then I threw them away.damn noooooooo
    kill me kill me
    amazing blog!
    wanna follow each other?yes no?