I'll go through all this before you wake up, so I can feel happier to be safe up here with you

In 2000 Björk was said to be listed as one of the worst dressed celebrities. Apparently, this was partly due to the reaction she got for one particular dress, worn to Cannes 2000 for the premiere of her movie, Dancer in the Dark.

The pink lantern dress is by designer Marjan Pejoski and critics said it looked like
she was wearing a Christmas decoration? Of course the colour is not at all festive,
but the pleating of the tulle throughout the skirt of the dress had many folds
and was almost an accordian style all around.

And quite right, it did remind me of Christmas decorations my grandmother used to have that were in the style of tissue paper lanterns. Typically described as "honeycomb" shaped, they were a popular design for ornaments in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Of course, all references aside, I personally think it's a great dress
And it is unlike any other dress I have ever seen. Well, leave it to Björk to be a trendsetter!

P.S. how cool is this turkey decoration for Thanksgiving? I want one


  1. Fashion critics don't know anything about art, I love that dress and this was a wonderful post.

  2. Good comparision, but i think she wasnt so bad dresser, she obviously was enjoying dressing.

  3. Parece una princesa, una combinación, bastante sutil y elegante <3