I wanted to say a short thank you to Martha Moore Porter, an artist from Brookyln I did a blog post about. She contacted me, and offered to send me some things in the mail. I was so excited, and was not at all expecting to receive so much! She sent me so many beautiful things, including: two heart stickers, a postcard, a full colour 8 page booklet of some of her work, a pack of zodiac stickers (12! they are so cool!) and a WICKED hand painted card with a KITTY!!!!

Can I just say that the Internet is a truly incredible thing sometimes, and how awesome is it when people are friendly and sweet and selflessly do things for others, wanting nothing in return? Getting mail is just the best.

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  1. 1) I think Devon needs a comeback and 2) what an amazing letter, I love personalized letters like that, they are so cute!!