no holding back, i'll tell you a feeling, tonight when I see you when I'm dream dream dreaming

Daniele Buetti is a talented and accomplished artist from Switzerland. Her work ranges from photography to installation, including many other mediums. Her work is very structured and neat, though still abstract in its own way. She does a lot of mosaic style pieces that are very interesting. Her installations are one of a kind and unlike anything you've ever seen before. I'm a big fan of a project she calls "Dreams Result in More Dreams" which is a series of perforated photographic prints on aluminium lightbox. I'm not quite sure what that means/how it's done exactly, but I'd be really keen to find out since the final product looks phenomenal. Here are my favourite prints from the set:

All images taken from Daniele Buetti's website. Visit to see more of her work


  1. i've seen some of these before and loved them, but not known the artist! yay

  2. in soo much love
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