I could spend hours looking at stuff I wish I could buy on FredFlare. Actually... I just did. The list of things I want or think I need is long, but I'm just going to post a few really great things that I'd get if I had the cash.

To start,

The cupcake pillow

coinciding with this Ice cream lamp

I'm obsessed with this pink cuckoo clock

And I have always wanted one of these clocks

Clear phone- I never had one of these as a preteen but I always wanted one so I need to make up for it now

This Diana camera

Scrabble is my favourite board game and I like mugs of all kinds

These pretty cat eye glasses

I will take all of the trolls please

I need these rollerskates more than anything because I'm pretty sure rollerskating is the only "sport" I could manage

Clear bags are the best, this pink one is a great size

I do usually stick to over the shoulder bags though because I'll lose purses if I'm putting them down when I go places. This would be so perfect for summer, I love the scalloped detail

If I owned this I would always pray for the day someone asks for a comb and I'd get to whip this bad boy out. Actually I'd probably just comb my hair with it in public all the time so people would notice and say "neat"

Bunting is my new favourite thing. Something about it feels cheerleader-y to me and I'm way into that trend right now

This pen to go with my lipstick lighters, I guess everything I own can just be shaped like a lipstick

And I just wanted to brag that I already have this Snoopy Sno-cone machine and it's from the late 80's early 90's so it's ~retro~

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