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I've just recently discovered this incredible French artist by the name of Fafi. She is first and foremost, a graffiti girl. She creates pictures of 'Fafinettes' which are basically cartoon portraits of badass babes, young and old. The characters she depicts are so sassy; tough but still femme. I will definitely do another post later on featuring some of her drawings. However, before I got to her Tumblr to have a look at those, I had seen a photoshoot she did that I fell in love with, leading me to find out more about her.

The aforementioned photoshoot I speak of, was done for Nippon Vogue and featured much younger models than you'd expect in a fashion magazine. I'd guess the girls are from age 8-14 but I'm not sure exactly of their names. Fafi admits that she wants to explore femininity through stereotypes... which is a problematic statement and a lot of people think it's downright bullshit. However, I have never found any of her work to be offensive and especially in the case of these photos I don't think the young women are over-sexualized or controversial in any way.

Actually, I think it's a perfect shoot. It's got all of the things I like, such as: colourful wigs, candy, birds, wicked clothes, depictions of playing music and writing. Not to mention, the hearts drawn on the cheeks are so adorable.

Regardless, when published in 2008 it did cause a stir. But I couldn't be bothered to figure out as to why. I just appreciate it for what it is: cute cute cute.

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