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This is a post for Brie because she mentioned how she's always wanted a pair of red boots like the ones Vincent Gallo wears in Buffalo 66 and I got to thinking...

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Buffalo 66 is one of my favourite movies. I have a sick obsession with Vincent Gallo. Actually, I have an even sicker obsession with Christina Ricci, that's gone on a lot longer than my obsession for Gallo, so this movie is pretty much everything to me. There are little style tips I have taken from it; I know that blue eyeshadow is super cool, I'd like a pair of sparkly silver pumps, and I know that there is something so effortlessly sexy about a pretty little blonde in a baby blue dress wearing the frumpy grey jacket of her abductor. Sometimes wearing your mans jacket, as ill-fitting as it may be, is a really comforting/cool sensation.

One of the best and most recognized fashion statements of Mr. Gallo's in this movie, is his red boots. They are the icing on the cake that is Billy Brown. They stand out amongst the visuals in the rest of the movie; the desolate city in winter, the almost colourless scenes that just pop because of these boots. I think they are what's referred to as a Chelsea style boot and the closest I've came to finding a pair like this online are:

These red patent boots from Garageland (womens)

These Qube Chelsea boots from Mr. Shoes (womens)

And these red calf skin Chelsea boots from Giorgio Brutini (mens)

To try a bit of a spin on the plain boots, 'cause lord knows I love buckles, these are two styles of boots that would be on their way to my house right now if I could afford them:

Red KG Twiggy creeper ankle boots by Kurt Geiger

And these gorgeous taper ankle boots by Underground on ASOS

Of course I can't forget to pay homage to MY red boots, purchased online through The Fabulous Stains from the wonderful Jesse Jae Joplin.

I ordered these a few months back and I was so pleased that they were a perfect fit, with a stellar 5" heel. They are a low crop on the ankle and have a little zipper on the side. The name on the sole says "Anne Michelle" and on the inside side "Pazzaz-12 All manmade materials 8 1/2"


  1. THIS IS PERFECT I'M TEARING UP. the first pair....SWOOOOOOON. the ones you bought are so fricken sassy!!!! they're beutiful! ps. i totally agree heheh gallo is such a babe. the end of the film where he buys the hot chocolate and cookie... SUCH A CUTIE

    1. i just wanna span time with him!!!!!!!!!

  2. as a fellow vincent gallo, baby blue, and (from the top of fiji to the bottom of) christina ricci aficionado i am so pleased and impressed at how effing articulate you are and how much i agree with everything in this post!!!! i wish i could wear red (it disagrees with me) because all of those boots are to die for xoxoxo

  3. http://rlwasteland.tumblr.com/post/44312594952/vincent-gallo-versus-the-critics-never-ever-ever