Somehow I got to searching for pictures of abandoned amusement parks today and I came across these pictures from a blogger from Japan. Or at least, the website was in Japanese and the aforementioned amusement park is in Japan. I think it is called Tohoku place? I am really attracted to the juxtaposition of an attraction once so alive, colourful, maintained; turned desolate and overgrown. It's spooky yet beautiful, kind of bittersweet. Whoever took these pictures picked the perfect day because the weather (specifically the fog) makes for an even creepier vibe and it just looks like a place I would dream of, like it isn't real.

I'm sure most amusement parks are quite large, they cover a lot of land. I wonder how often really they are just abandoned like this because it seems odd that if a place closed down it wouldn't be torn down after and made available for something else to be built. If there's no reason for it to still exist other than to take these cool photos. I haven't found too many other notable places like this one, but I'd like to come across more.

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  1. Wow I love these pictures of the abandoned amusement park. So haunting. It's so weird to think of all the laughing and screaming and fun just suddenly silenced forever. Those rides seem like machines that were alive and enjoyed providing so much fun to people and kids. Then they became old and outdated and not high tech enough to please finicky people who only want the newest and latest of everything. People just left them lonely and abandoned, just like they do with their own parents when they get too old. They just stick them into a "nursing home" where they'll be "better off". It's really just a warehouse for old abandoned people who are outdated just like these rides. People teach their kids that's the acceptable way to deal with old age. And that's why they'll be there themselves one day. Then they'll suddenly realize just how cruel and heartless they were to their parents. But it will be too late to make amends.